Kurinchi Home, No.61, 37th Lane, Colombo-06 Apartments blend thoughtful layouts with enticing recreational options. Fully furnished apartments are well-appointed with crisp, contemporary design in earth tones. Offers spacious and comfortable apartments right in the heart of the vibrant city. Peaceful surroundings indeed are capitalized upon, preserving the natural beauty as much as possible to provide a heavenly contrast to the sleek and modern design of the building complex itself.

Units Area Bedroom Bathroom
A 1860.33 sq.ft 5 4
B 1395.89 sq.ft 4 3
C 1989.37 sq.ft 5 3
D 1360.30 sq.ft 3 2
E 902.12 sq.ft 2 2
F 1332.72 sq.ft 3 2
G 1789.28 sq.ft 4 2
H 1802.52 sq.ft 4 2

Project Details

Kurinchi Home (Pvt) Ltd.
Skyline Housing (Pvt) Ltd.
July, 2017
No.61, 37th Lane, Col-06.
2 Million

Amenities for Luxury Living

  • Separate Meters
  • Stand by generation to common area
  • 3 phase electricity 30A/230V/50MHZ to common area
  • Wall tiled
  • Waterproof door/li>
  • Non slippery floor tiled
  • Hot water geyser for master’s bathroom/li>
  • Separate Meters
Fire Protection System
  • Hose reels
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Wet Riser as per fire department requirement
  • Lighting protection system
  • Parapet wall around the premises
  • Guardroom at entrance with 24 hours service
  • Sleek kitchen with granite pantry top (bench top)
  • Top & Bottom pantry cupboard with class one timber in elegant finish